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Hackley Community Care Center OB Services

Hackley Community Care Center delivers over 300 healthy babies per year. Many women depend on HCCC’s OB/GYN providers for their overall health. Why?

Three certified nurse midwives offer personal and comprehensive care including family planning, gynecological care, annual pelvic and breast examinations and much more.
  • Prenatal education and care with a focus
    on promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Midwives support and guide the mother
    through the entire labor process.

  • Midwives take the time to listen and talk
    with their patients.

  • Midwifery services are covered by
    private insurance, Medicaid and

HCCC OB/GYN physicians offer their knowledge and expertise to HCCC patients. They also provide:

  • Consultation to the certified nurse

  • Medical intervention and delivery for
    high-risk pregnancies.

  • Gynecological exams and surgeries.

Like everything we offer at HCCC, our OB/GYN Services are available for the best of reasons: we want you to have every possible opportunity for success and well-being.